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Kristen Broughton, CEO
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By including ingredients like green tea, acai berry, and B vitamins, each luxurious chocolate works in harmony with your body creating a natural, sustainable energy boost without the crash or jitters.

Regardless of your age, race, gender, family tree or past choices, there is a sparkling future ahead of you. You are beautiful and important. You are worthy of unconditional love, success, and good things in your life. You are valuable to those around you, and of course to us here at Purity & Grace. I believe you have all you need inside of you to thrive and accomplish your dreams. You are here for a reason and you are extraordinary.

Kristen Broughton

CEO, Purity & Grace

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our products are formulated to be as pure and natural as possible while keeping them effective. Pure Chocolate Energy contains only the best ingredients that are Kosher, non-GMO, and Gluten Free. Pure Chocolate Energy proprietary energy blend contains Cacao/Dark Chocolate, Natural Caffeine, Apple Extract, Acai Extract,Green Tea Extract and Vitamin B-12 (Methylcobalamin). Other ingredients also include Brown Rice Syrup,Sugar, Palm Oil, Natural Flavors, and Sunflower Lecithin.

Pure Chocolate Energy is a beautiful dark chocolate confection that tastes wonderful. Our company will only offer products that are healthy AND taste great. We are sure you are going to absolutely LOVE our Pure Chocolate Energy chocolates, that's why we want to give you a sample to taste.

Yes, we put only ingredients in Pure Chocolate Energy that we would be proud to share and serve to our own family.There are only natural and safe ingredients. Pure Chocolate Energy is certified Kosher, non-GMO and Gluten Free.

Yes, all Pure Chocolate Energy chocolates come individually wrapped in all of our packages.

Each Pure Chocolate Energy chocolate contains 50 mg of natural caffeine.
2 Pure Chocolate Energy = about 1 cup of coffee
4 Pure Chocolate Energy = about 1 energy shot

All dietary supplements are not "approved" by the FDA, however we have taken the extra steps to ensure that our Pure Chocolate Energy complies with the provisions of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act as regulated by the FDA.

No, the levels of B-12 are within safe limits. The recommended amounts in the daily allowance is just the minimum daily amount recommended by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine.

We recommend that you eat a maximum of 6 per day.

These two different B12 forms are very similar. The only chemical difference between them comes down to one small part of the molecule, Methylcobalamin has a methyl group (just carbon and hydrogen), cyanocobalamin has a cyanide group. And obviously cyanide isn't something you normally expect in anything you would consume. In fact, cyanocobalamin isn't something nature ever intended your body to deal with – it exists only as a chemical synthesized in laboratories. It doesn't occur naturally in any living organism.
Cyanocobalamin is a less efficient way to supplement your vitamin B12 intake. You also face the problem of what happens to the cyanide group that is liberated during conversion into the ‘active' (useful) form of B12 i.e. Methylcobalamin. Cyanide is of course famous for being a poison, so your body needs to remove this unwanted substance. It's probably fair to say that most people would prefer not to start deliberately ingesting cyanide!
Cyanocobalamin is cheaper for manufacturers to buy...that's why they use it, despite it being unhealthy for the consumer - YOU! So anytime you pick up an energy product or dietary supplement - take a quick look at the ingredients and make sure you avoid all products that say "cyanocobalamin" in them.

In our opinion, you get a better, healthier energy delivered in a beautiful tasty sweet treat. The leading energy shots all contain ingredients that you should not consume including cyanocobalamin. Just because "everyone" is eating or drinking something, doesn't make it good for you. Pure Chocolate Energy is a natural, healthy, and delicious way to give you that extra energy boost.

Yes, Pure Chocolate Energy is certified Kosher by Rabbi Pinchas Juravel of KOF-K Kosher Supervision.

Yes, Pure Chocolate Energy is non-GMO.

Children should not eat Pure Chocolate Energy. Also if you are pregnant or nursing, if you are under the care of a physician or if you have a caffeine sensitivity, you should consult a doctor before using this product.